Simon Pearce Crash Reel


Ampersand has a special relationship with Simon Pearce. We began carrying his products eighteen years ago when we first opened our doors. Our admiration for both Simon and his incredible products has only grown since then. In 2009, we were saddened to hear the news of Simon’s son, Kevin, who suffered a traumatic brain injury. Kevin Pearce is a professional snowboarder who was severely injured in Park City Utah. Kevin has since then endured a long and challenging recovery.


HBO has recently released a documentary on Kevin Pearce, The Crash Reel, featuring twenty years of footage. The documentary follows Kevin Pearce before and after is injury. Our staff has been moved by the film and believes you will be too!


Visit to learn more about the film and where you can watch this extraordinary documentary.


Kevin inspires us Everyday.

We send all the best to Kevin, Simon, and the whole Pearce Family! 

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