Wedding Gift Etiquette


We recommend a few guidelines for when the couple registers and when the guests give.  Remember the wedding is about the happy couple and to celebrate their future life! Who doesn’t love a celebration?


For the couple:

Creating a registry is for the convenience of your guests. By creating a registry, your guests know exactly what you would like to start your future as a couple. Some couples keep a classic registry while some register for items less traditional. Some guests may feel more comfortable purchasing a gift that is traditional to give for a wedding. It is important to register for gifts with a mix of prices to accommodate all guests for the wedding and showers. Ultimately, the gift is the choice of the guest and the registry is a guide for their ease.


For the guests:

The registry created by the couple is not an order, but simply made for your convenience. If you choose to gift a gift not on a registry, it can still be used as a reference to the couple’s style and taste. The price of the gift should be based on your budget, your relationship to the couple, and what you find fitting for the occasion. If you wish to send money, include a personal note. Gifts should be sent to the place specified on the registry; many couples prefer gifts to be mailed rather than guests bringing a gift to the wedding. Gifts should be sent prior to the wedding or as soon as possible afterwards. Keep in mind couples may receive duplicates. Thus, no offense should be taken in a return or exchange.


Happy celebrating!X

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