A Gentleman's Guide to Entertaining


The key to Gentlemen entertaining is finding a happy medium between extravagant entertaining, and the casual, un-involved entertaining often associated with males. Entertaining should still impress a gentleman’s guests but does not have to be excessive or fanciful. Here at Ampersand, we offer a few tips and entertaining pieces sure to please any gentleman and his guests.

 Be prepared before hand. Set the table the night before if your seating guests. Create a layout of food and drinks offered for guests to easily navigate. Create a space for guests to sit and converse- you may need to re-arrange. Plan a time-line for when certain foods will be served. Have enough food and drink ready before guests arrive and be prepared to replenish.


Keep in mind the occasion

If your event is casual, a buffet style may be best. If you event if a celebration, a sit down dinner may be the most appropriate. Consider your guest list, occasion, and time of day when choosing how you host your gentlemen.


Offer simple but stately appetizers

Keep your appetizers understated but tasty. A gentleman impresses nonchalantly.


Offer a hearty meal

Offer your fellow gentleman a meal sure to suffice their hunger! The food you offer will easily class-up your event without having to worry about decoration or other extravagancies.


Keep a wide variety of beverages

While you may enjoy only a certain beverage, your guests may not. Or, they might simply be in the mood for something else. Also, remember the importance of non-alcoholic beverages.


A small something sweet

Something small, classic sweet to end a meal is not feminine. A treat is sure to please anyone!


Make a speech or toast

The ultimate way to show your class and your appreciation for all your guests.


Speak with all of your guests

Keeping all your guests comfortable is the key to entertaining. A gentleman speaks with all of his guests and welcomes them.


Thank your guests

Remember to thank your guests for coming. A thank you is a tribute to your guests.


Ampersand is here to help!

Below we have curated pieces for all of your dapper entertaining needs!


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Drinkware:  Simon Pearce

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