Wedding Shower Themes

Shower the Couple in Style


Wedding showers have been a tradition for ages. If you are lucky enough to host such a celebration, why not celebrate with a theme? Our staff has a few fun and entertaining ideas!


“Stock the Bar”

Host a shower where guests can bring gifts to stock the lucky couple’s bar! From favorite liquor, to necessary glasses, to fun bar accessories, all gifts also start a conversation.


“Time of Day”

Assign each guest a time of day and each guest will bring a gift the couple can use at that time of day. This theme ensures something suitable around the clock for the couple.



A great theme for the couple that loves to cook! Suggest that guests include recipes and tips for added sentiment and conversation.



Each guest is assigned a letter from one of the couple’s name. The gift they bring incorporates their assigned letter. Use their married names, first names, and middle names- you can always assign the same letter to a few people!



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