Kathy Pitts, Owner of Skyros Designs Answers the Ampersand Questionnaire

Skyros Designs has become an Ampersand Favorite! Their designs complement any home, and are perfect for use everyday. Owner, Kathy Pitts answered the Ampersand Entertaining Questionnaire. We love her entertaining style and now can't wait to try a Sicilian Margarita!


Signature Dish:

Beef Wellington. Now that I can purchase premade puff pastry, this is an elegant and easy “star” of any dinner party.  Save enough puff pastry to create your own beautiful design on the top.


Signature Drink: 

My new favorite company drink is a Sicilian Margarita.  Mulled lime and grapefruit mixed with tequila and Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur.  Topped off with red grapefruit juice in a tall goblet….beautiful and oh so delicious!!


The greatest virtue in a host/hostess: 

Organization. This way, I can enjoy my guests.


 My biggest entertaining mistake:

Trying to cook too many dishes at the last minute.   


The historical figure or fictional character I would most enjoy at my dinner table:

Julia Child. I learned all the basics of cooking through this delightful and talented lady. I would love to sit next to her and learn even more!


My entertaining motto:

Combine generations, people with diverse backgrounds, a beautiful table set with Skyros dinnerware, flowers galore, good music, yummy food, and a happy, relaxed attitude. With this you will never fail to create a memorable experience.



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