Livia Cowan, Founder of Mariposa Answers the Ampersand Entertaining Questionnaire!

It is always a treat to be with Livia! She is bursting with energy, kindness and creativity!

Mariposa began in 1984 after Livia returned from a road trip through Mexico with a truckload of old glassware made from old soft drink bottles. Livia set up shop in her parent's garage and Mariposa was born!

Livia took the time to answer our entertaining questionnaire and yes, we would love Mick Jagger at our party!

Ampersand’s Entertaining Questionnaire.


My signature dish and my signature drink:

I don’t have a signature dish, but in the Summer months I enjoy experimenting with dishes containing the fresh vegetables from our garden. 

My signature drink is the Mariposa Wildflower. This drink combines vodka, St. Germaine and bitters with refreshing grapefruit and lemon juice. The recipe was created specially for a Mariposa cocktail party by my friends at the Gloucester, Massachusetts’ restaurant Short & Main.

 The greatest virtue in a host/hostess:

I always admire hosts and hostesses who have the ability to effortlessly keep the cocktails and conversation flowing.

 My biggest entertaining mistake:

Not entertaining enough!

The historical figure or fictional character I would most enjoy at my dinner table:

I don’t think he falls under the historical figure category, but the guest I would most enjoy at my dinner table is Mick Jagger. I love, love, love the Rolling Stones and have seen them in concert many times, but have yet to meet Mick.

My entertaining motto:

A party is always a hit with a thoughtful seating plan and festive cocktails!

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